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Minibus rental in Madrid

In renting minibuses in Madrid we take our work very seriously, for more than 60 years, we are a company that has been growing thanks to you, our clients. With each of the services we have carried out, we have been improving, since it has given us more experience, more wisdom and above all in how to improve services, minibuses, buses, minibuses and buses.

Thanks to you we have managed to get where we are now, being a prestigious and respected company, with a cache and confidence in ourselves.

What are the services most performed by our minibus rental company in Madrid?

The truth is that we must say that we carry out a wide range of services, because each client we have is a world and no service is the same as the previous one, unless it is from the same clear client. Well the truth of which are the most performed services by our company in Madrid regarding the minibus rental, are the following:

Madrid airport transfers

Madrid airport transfers consist of taking passengers from one of the airport terminals to the destination point within the community of Madrid, you can also choose to transfer to other autonomous communities such as Toledo, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Ávila, Segovia.

This type of service also opts with the return option, this means that once you fill in the form to request a quote about one or more Madrid airport transfers, you can choose between one-way or round-trip, if you check the one-way option. And back they will be picked up at the same point that the driver left them, for example, they have been dropped off in Plaza España, well they would be picked up at that same point unless there is a force majeure cause, such as a marathon solidarity race, works, road maintenance, demonstrations….

Minibus rental for wedding

You are thinking of a minibus rental for your wedding, to take the guests and you don’t know how to do it, do you? Let me tell you that it is easier than you think, you just have to contact us by phone call or email; In case of requesting a quote by email or by filling in the contact form, you should know that you have to specify the following vital information: first you must give us your name, surname and email, secondly, you must specify the point departure, likewise also the date and time where the guests will be picked up, thirdly if you wish to make a stop, fourthly you must specify the destination point and the time of return and to finalize the form you must fill in the seats and if babies travel or not, in case of renting a chair to transport the baby

Minibus rental for guest transport

Minibus rental for excursions

Rent minibus for bachelor and bachelorette parties